Loquis: Realmonte: the Cathedral you don't expect

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Realmonte: the Cathedral you don't expect


Published on:  2019-04-10 19:58:00


In Realmonte, near Agrigento, to elevate the spirit we descend to the ground! An ancient salt mine still in operation hides a treasure: a cathedral of salt with real bas-reliefs carved by the miners themselves, a holy family, a Christ on the Cross and of course Santa Barbara, the patron saint of the miners themselves. On December 4, the Mass is celebrated here in honor of the Saint and the acoustics, worthy of an opera house, makes the site a magical place, here you can be enchanted in front of a rose window natural fruit of the intersection of the rock salt with other salts. Being a mine still in activity today, it is possible to visit it only by appointment and on the last Wednesday of the month. What do you say, it's worth taking a note on the agenda, no?

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