Loquis: Atelier Villaroel. A window on the Baroque

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Atelier Villaroel. A window on the Baroque


Published on:  2019-04-07 00:00:00


Atelier Villaroel is a treasure chest overlooking the Baroque. At the point where Via Crociferi ends by diving on steep stairs, overlooks the ancient noble palace Villaroel, inside the atelier of Laura Milana. We enter an elegant apartment where the elements of the time have been cared for and preserved and where there are elements of furniture, jewelry, perfumes and everything that makes excellence. Laura welcomes these little testimonies of art as only a sensitive person can do; her open smile, her six cats and a view of the baroque of Catania make a visit to the atelier a moment of serene discovery and relaxation. Local craftsmen, artists of perfume and ceramics, creators of unusual jewelry and the most diverse materials pay homage to Sicily, its colors and its scents. Laura, passionate custodian of such beauty, will open the doors of her treasure chest and I am sure that like me you will come back to visit her, if only for the pleasure of her company, the company of this woman who has chosen to make her work beautiful.

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