Loquis: The man who whispered to the... books

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The man who whispered to the... books


Published on:  2019-04-12 00:00:00


Those who love books like me can only get lost in this corner of Palermo where Pietro Tramonte offers us his free library; after retirement he brought here his own personal treasure made of over 45,000 texts. In this silent place of the city, the voices of the characters spread, closing our eyes, we book maniacs imagine coming out of the pages of the volumes that surround us. The books are available to everyone. The barter, the loan, the gift of a book to those who put a like to its page, up to the price "do it yourself" because love is never evaluable. From this wonderland Peter has donated ten volumes even to the library of Alexandria in Egypt and to that of the Washington Congress. But this jewel is also itinerant, since it is increasingly the mayors of various countries who want to host it on the occasion of events. In a society that is going faster and faster this heart of paper makes the noble Palermo even more interesting.

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