Loquis: Corto Maltese inaspettato

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Corto Maltese inaspettato


Published on:  2019-04-06 10:46:00

  Kosher Life

Today I take you into another dimension of travel, that of fantasy. If you have never visited Malta before, I invite you to discover it, an island so far away yet so close, as fascinating as its character par excellence: Corto Maltese; he is the protagonist of this unusual journey. Corto Maltese's father, Hugo Pratt, himself had Jewish origins, given to him by his Sephardic Jewish grandmother, who lived in the ghetto of Venice and was originally from Cordoba and whose house he still kept an old rusty key. Pratt has revised these origins, correctly and translated them into his sailor with his eyes always turned to the horizon; he has given him a beautiful Sephardic Jewish gypsy mother and an English officer as a father, a bright Malta in which to be born and the Cordoba Judecca where to grow up, Jewish studies to form his character and a rabbi for teacher. With his quotations of the classic Maltese Short becomes real drawn literature and now that we know better its origins probably we will appreciate it even more.

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