Loquis: Prague and the drawings of the children of Terezin

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Prague and the drawings of the children of Terezin


Published on:  2019-04-03 21:37:00

  Kosher Life

Prague has a very important Jewish quarter in which there are six synagogues; in one of these, the Pinkas synagogue, there is a museum, a Jewish museum of course, which exhibits as many as 4000 drawings, drawings of children, were the children of Terezin, we speak of the concentration camp so-called "model", an antechamber of those who then had to be the actual camps, here the present Jewish community made sure that the children continued their schooling and an art professor set up a real class, collecting as many as 4000 drawings, hid them in a suitcase and fortunately the Nazis did not find them, for this reason ten years later the drawings reappeared and now they are exhibited here, in this museum, to remind us that, although unnecessarily, art often represents a hope.

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