Loquis: Turin: a Synagogue... but three!

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Turin: a Synagogue... but three!


Published on:  2019-03-28 23:43:00

  Kosher Life

In the severe Turin, with its rigorous nineteenth-century architecture, the oriental-style structure of its synagogue has a strange effect. To confirm the importance of the Jewish community of the city in 1861, the same architect of the Mole Antonelliana Alessandro Antonelli was entrusted with the project of a majestic synagogue, a project that soon proved to be expensive and the choice fell on a smaller project, entrusted to Enrico Petitti who completed the construction in 1884. During a bombardment of "42" the building and its furnishings suffered considerable damage such as to make only the wall structure recoverable. the large synagogue is currently open only for larger holidays and gives way to two small synagogues hidden in its basement and regularly used for daily rites. Turin, always a city of mystery, offers us these two little jewels hidden inside a larger treasure chest.

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