Loquis: Genoa, Gassman and silent Jewishness

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Genoa, Gassman and silent Jewishness


Published on:  2019-03-28 18:37:00

  Kosher Life

A great slaughterer and a man always poised between ironic strength and the spectre of depression, he never confirmed or denied his Jewishness substantially, even though he had a mother of Jewish faith and one of his wives, the American Shelley Winters, also a Jew, never spoke of it and this is the aspect we wish to respect; his hometown Genoa remembers him with the plaque placed in the locality of Prato, near the wash houses. From this small village Gassman took off to become the actor par excellence, the one who has always been able to go from comedy to tragedy, from theater to cinema with the naturalness of the great. The boulder of depression has never dimmed the light. We imagine ourselves here next to the plaque that reminds us of it, bringing a flower not to the actor but to the ironic and strong man, characteristics that, let me say, make it very close to the modus vivendi of the Jewish people.

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