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the synagogue in Genoa


Published on:  2019-03-25 20:09:00

  Kosher Life

It is one of the few monumental synagogues erected during the twenty-year period. Opened in 1935, it stands out for its severe and essential architectural lines typical of the period. The long, narrow windows seem to cut through the building, giving vertical impetus and lightness to the outside and giving the inside, thanks to the coloured windows, plays of light that change as the outside light changes. The synagogue was the scene of one of the saddest episodes related to the Jewish community of the city. On November 2, 1943, the Nazis, under the threat of a gun, forced the caretaker Albino Polacchi to summon all the members of the community for the following day and for an unspecified meeting, but a woman realized the trap and managed to warn many members of the community, with eloquent gestures from her window. But for 261 Genoese Jews, there was no escape. Even today the synagogue in Genoa is regularly active and a reference point for the Jewish community of the city.

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