Loquis: The Jewish Community of Foligno

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The Jewish Community of Foligno


Published on:  2019-03-25 00:17:24

  Kosher Life

It is an ancient Jewish community that is now extinct. It had origin from the Roman one, of Italian rite. The first documents attesting its presence date back to around 1290 when a meeting of the representatives of the Jewish communities of Umbria and Marche was held in the presence of the famous rabbi Menahem Recanati. At the end of the XIV century many Roman Jewish merchants dedicated to credit activities were invited to Foligno. But later on discrimination and persecution were accentuated, culminating in expulsion, not before some massacres and violence in various Umbrian cities. The Jews of Foligno were active in the trade of clothes, fabrics and rags, as well as activities of notary, medicine, pharmacy, surgery and crafts. There was at least one synagogue in Foligno, probably in the Contrastanga district, and a Jewish cemetery in the "Campo di Francalancia" area, now Parco dei Canapè. Of the synagogue and of the cemetery there is no more visible trace.

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