Loquis: Ancona: the two synagogues

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Ancona: the two synagogues


Published on:  2019-03-20 23:22:00

  Kosher Life

The two synagogues of Ancona are located here, in Via Astagno, in a single building, are the Levantine and the Italian rite synagogues. The Levantina synagogue was born in 1876 after the destruction of the previous one on the eve of the unification of Italy; the facade is narrow and there is space between the buildings with its five arched windows. The aron is imposing, made of wood and stucco, and recovered before the destruction of the previous synagogue. the doors that close the ark are in embossed silver of Spanish taste that is not common in Italian synagogues. Careful restoration work has recovered and protected this building, which since 1932 has also housed the Italian synagogue, whose sixteenth-century furnishings, during the Fascist era, were transferred to the room below the Levantine synagogue; here there is also the mikveh and an outdoor space that offers the area for the sukka. The great menorah dominates the interior of the Italian synagogue, among twisted columns.

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