Loquis: The Synagogue of Florence

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The Synagogue of Florence


Published on:  2019-03-17 23:45:00

  Kosher Life

The green copper dome of Florence's synagogue is an integral part of the city's sky line and was built in the historic centre in 1882 behind an elegant wrought iron gate and a lush garden.During the Second World War they tried to desecrate the doors of the holy ark with bayonets and the signs are still visible today. the painful story also tried to further outrage the temple used as a garage for the Germans, but its splendor has not been obscured and today the synagogue of Florence offers us in all its austere and precious elegance. Do not miss to visit also the adjacent museum and to dedicate a thought to the 248 Florentines of Jewish faith that were killed by the Nazis and that are remembered with a plaque in the shadow of the garden of the synagogue.

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