Loquis: The Magic Door in Piazza Vittorio

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The Magic Door in Piazza Vittorio


Published on:  2019-03-17 15:31:00

  Kosher Life

Many buildings were demolished for the construction of Piazza Vittorio, including Villa Palombara, built in the mid 1600s by Marquis Maximilian II Palombara. Only one door, one of the secondary entrances of the villa, called "the magic door", was saved from this building because of the aura of mystery that surrounds the villa; this was frequented by alchemists and legend has it that the Marquis hosted for one night an unknown man who was said to have been able to carry out the great work, that is to say transforming metals into gold thanks to an alchemical formula; the next day the unknown man disappeared leaving behind a sheet full of indecipherable formulas and a bag of pure gold. No one was able to decipher the formulas so the Marquis decided to have them reproduced on the door but unfortunately no one ever managed to decipher them. Among the symbols you can also see the star of David considered by alchemists a powerful protective talisman and symbol of cosmic balance.

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