Loquis: Ferrara. MEIS - The Renaissance speaks Hebrew

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Ferrara. MEIS - The Renaissance speaks Hebrew


Published on:  2019-03-17 12:02:41

Expires on:  2019-09-15 00:00:00

  Kosher Life

From Friday, April 12, opens at the MEIS in Ferrara the exhibition path The Renaissance speaks Hebrew. The exhibition curated by Giulio Busi and Silvana Greco is another chapter in the story of Italian Judaism, and this new section touches the heart of the Museum's mission: to witness the dialogue between minority and majority, complex but possible, sometimes fruitful, though not without shadows. The exhibition addresses one of the most crucial periods in the cultural history of the peninsula and decisive for the formation of Italian identity, both for the unparalleled artistic creativity, both for its symbolic value and for the influence exerted on the entire historical and intellectual construction. In the Renaissance, Jews were and were in the front line, active and enterprising. In Florence, Ferrara, Mantua, Venice and Rome. At alternate times they were welcomed and well received, with a not secondary role of lenders, doctors, merchants, or object of prejudice. Until Sunday 15 Sept

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