Loquis: Calabria. La Sinagoga di Bova Marina

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Calabria. La Sinagoga di Bova Marina


Published on:  2019-03-17 00:35:11

  Kosher Life

The 4th century synagogue of Bova Marina, is the oldest in the West after that of Ostia Antica. It was discovered by chance during the road modernization works. The discovery was instrumental in the study of the Jewish stable presence in Calabria. The building was formed by two square rooms. In the room you can see the mosaic floor that contains squares with geometric designs, the symbols of menorà, ethrog and palm branch and shofar The complex was destroyed around the sixth century. However, it remained a consistent and capillary presence of Jews, of which there is partial memory in the street toponymy of some places. They were groups mostly integrated in the society and in the local economic life, dedicated to important productive and commercial activities, but also linked to Jewish studies and medicine. With the end of the Aragonese dominion and the passage to the Catholic sovereigns of Spain, the Jews were expelled or forced to convert definitively in 1541.

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