Loquis: Piazza Giudia al Ghetto

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Piazza Giudia al Ghetto


Published on:  2019-03-16 22:34:00

  Kosher Life

We are in Piazza Giudia, in the heart of the ghetto, in a prominent position in Sant'Angelo, the smallest of the districts of Rome, a cut-out of the city, a historical, artistic and cultural document; its alleys have served as a frame for Jewish life in Rome. The Jews were present in the city since the time of Augustus and Jew was also the unfortunate wife of one of the most discussed emperors: Nero. The ghetto was officially born in the middle of 1500 with the edict of Paul IV who wanted to separate Jews from Christians. The doors of this district closed at sunset and reopened at dawn. With the increase of the population the houses of the ghetto developed in height with bridges, external stairs and overpasses that became the architectural characteristics of this place, until its expansion in 1800.

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