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Royal Theatre of Santa Cecilia


Published on:  2019-03-11 22:53:00

  Kosher Life

We are in the center of Palermo in an area called "Fieravecchia" here in 1600, towards the end, was built a theater with sumptuous stage machines and painted halls and galleries, but Sicily is troubled land and the earthquake of 1726 forced the theater to close until 1816 when the best of renovations gave life to a theater whose mobile stage descended to the stalls turning it into a ballroom, the masked balls became the main attraction; later it was used as a wax museum until its definitive closure in 1880, then in 2015 the theater finally reopened but this time the renovation work has restored the city its ancient soul: a kiln for the azime that is now visible through glass, this in fact stood at that point that was part of the ghetto at the time.Centuries of footsteps have trampled on these places unaware of the Jewish history that was hidden right below.

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