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the Museum of Enlightenment


Published on:  2019-03-09 20:10:00

  Kosher Life

In the heart of Piedmont, in Casale Monferrato, there is a ghetto that, among its jewels, houses an unusual museum, the "Museum of Enlightenment". The idea was born in 1994 on the occasion of the four hundredth anniversary of the Synagogue, when some art lovers, such as Paolo Levi, Aldo Mondino, Elio Carmi and Antonio Recalcati proposed to give the right visibility to some lamps for Chanukkah owned by the community of Casale Monferrato. Thus, in the underground rooms, formerly used as the oven of the companies, was born the "Museum of Enlightenment"; here you can admire artifacts by artists not only Jews, we talk about more than 125 works of art, 135 sources of light and beauty.

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