Loquis: Jewish Traces at Ursino Castle

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Jewish Traces at Ursino Castle


Published on:  2019-03-08 20:22:00

  Kosher Life

In Catania there are very few visible testimonies of the ancient Giudecca; earthquakes and eruptions have erased the ancient aspect of the city, the one before 1492, when the community was flourishing and perfectly integrated into the city, yet, walking through what was the ancient Giudecca and raising your eyes, something is still visible, for example here at the Ursino Castle, which is now the civic museum, on the north tower, overlooking the north-west, we find engraved a menorah; This is the testimony of the Jewish workers who worked on the construction of this building in the thirteenth century, why? Because most of the workers were Jewish and wanted to leave their signatures here; this was a good thing because we still have the opportunity today, despite earthquakes and eruptions, to find something.

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