Loquis: 1 - Piazza Deffenu (where it all starts)

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1 - Piazza Deffenu (where it all starts)

  cristina marras

Published on:  2019-03-07 17:48:00



Unknown seafront of a known city. What I know is that you left a sign. And I’m here to find it. During the training they taught me that it’s the insignificant information that is going to save your life. Apparently, this place, Piazza Deffenu, was once the route for carriages heavy with salt, wine, cheese and animal skins. Here was the landing dock for enemies coming from the sea. Now it’s just a piazza. All what remains from the past is the gardens with the huge trees, and this horrible, gigantic glass building, go figure: once pride of the modern times, but look at it, it’s ugly, and cuts the entire view. Keeping me company, heavy blond women, from Russia, Ukraine, chatting among themselves, or calling relatives long distance. The newsagent says that this is the road of power and politics, a route for protesters and rulers alike. And here are the traces you left behind. It says so the sign on the traffic light in front of the newsagent. And the sign takes me to a white building, not far from here.

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