Loquis: Jewish Catacombs of via Labicana

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Jewish Catacombs of via Labicana


Published on:  2019-03-03 00:49:00

  Kosher Life


The Catacomb was identified during the excavation for the extraction of the pozzolana in 1882. It extended on both sides of the Via Labicana (in the current area of Via Filarete-Via Alessi- Via Dulceri-Via Bufalini). The investigations led to the discovery of graffiti or painted representations in which there were also seven-branched candlesticks, which allowed the identification of "Jewish" to the Catacomb. Although explored in part, a main gallery was identified that intersected with another of equal width and numerous interconnected tunnels, having a round arch section. On the walls there are three levels of niches covered with plastered terracotta slabs, as well as cubicles and tombs in masonry. The date seems to refer to a period not earlier than the third century. a.C. Probably referred to burials of Jewish communities that orbited around Porta Esquilina. The site cannot be visited.

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