Loquis: The Jewish Catacombs of Villa Torlonia

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The Jewish Catacombs of Villa Torlonia


Published on:  2019-03-02 22:29:00

  Kosher Life

Characteristic because it lacks the area reserved for liturgical celebrations prohibited by religion was discovered in 1918 and covers an area of about 110×120 meters. arranged on two levels born in different periods during the third century. The western access leads to the gardens of Villa Torlonia. The cubicles are decorated with images of the Jewish tradition and once decorated with sun and moon to indicate a sort of temporal universalism. The quality of the decorations shows how, within the community, an elite had developed more affluent that could afford skilled workers; on the other hand, in one of the galleries, there are the tombs of Jews so poor that to close them was used simple recycled material. We will notice inscriptions showing the Synagogue of origin of the deceased and the position held within the community as well as two epitaphs of proselytes that is, two people who converted to Judaism.

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