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The Arch of Titus.


Published on:  2019-03-02 20:53:00

  Kosher Life

The majestic triumphal arch is dedicated to the emperor Titus and was built in the years following his death in 81 AD. The monument celebrates his victory over Jerusalem in 70 AD and the annexation of Judea to the Empire. In the center of the lacunar vault is represented the divinization of the emperor depicted flying on an eagle. On the two sides of the panel there are reliefs with scenes of the triumph. On one side are represented the entrance of Titus and his coronation, surrounded by allegorical figures; on the other, the procession through the triumphal door carrying the booty of objects plundered from the destroyed Temple: among them stands out the menorah, the large seven-branched candelabrum. The Roman Jews never wanted to cross the arch; it was only with the birth of the State of Israel that the altarpiece was crossed, this time in a direction contrary to the direction of the procession.

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