Loquis: The Rose Garden of Rome Capital

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The Rose Garden of Rome Capital


Published on:  2019-03-02 20:29:00

  Kosher Life

On the place where today stands the rose garden at the foot of the Aventine was the last Jewish cemetery before moving to the fields of Verano. After the abandonment of the previous cemetery at Porta Portese, fenced, reduced and finally expropriated, was acquired a new land on the slopes of the Aventine that remained in operation until 1895. In 1934, however, the Community was forced to sell the disused burial area to allow the implementation of the plan to free the Circus Maximus, 372 tombs and some monuments from the most recent part of the cemetery were moved to the new departments of Verano. In memory of the previous identity of the place, the layout of the avenues of the rose garden recalls the shape of the menorah. The ancient Jewish cemetery is also mentioned in a stele with the Tables of the Law arranged at the entrances.

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