Loquis: The Synagogue of Senigallia

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The Synagogue of Senigallia


Published on:  2019-03-02 08:11:00

  Kosher Life

The Synagogue of Senigallia, of Italian rite, was built in 1634 to replace the one located in Via Arsilli. The current configuration of the hall is the result of two major renovations. In 1799, after the French left the city, the houses of the ghetto and the synagogue were plundered and the interior decoration, of great value, was lost. When in 1801 the Community, displaced in nearby locations, was forced to return to the ghetto, the synagogue was reassembled with new furniture, still visible. Following the earthquake of 1930, the hall had to be reorganized again. For safety reasons, the synagogue had to be moved to the lower rooms and adapted to the new spaces.

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