Loquis: The Jewish quarter of Ferrandina

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The Jewish quarter of Ferrandina


Published on:  2019-03-01 19:54:00

  Kosher Life

What is now called Via Cesare Beccaria, was once the Jewish quarter of the city of Ferrandina. The Jewish quarter was located in a central area near the Largo square, which was the heart of the city's life. The history of the Jews of Ferrandina is linked to the Jewish presence in Basilicata and can be divided into two periods: the first part from the second century AD until you get to the Angevins, the second begins with the Aragonese period and ends with the beginning of the Spanish Viceroyalty. The economic and social activities of the Jews were mainly concerned with trade, crafts and medicine, and mainly the ability to build houses. Then, with the fall of the Kingdom of Naples (1505), the Jewish presence in Southern Italy came to an end. With the expulsion of the Jews from Southern Italy, the presence in Ferrandina of a minority that had brought many economic and cultural advantages to the city ended.

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