Loquis: The Synagogue of Ostia Antica

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The Synagogue of Ostia Antica


Published on:  2019-02-27 22:17:00

  Kosher Life

The remains of this synagogue probably date back to the first century when the port, wanted by the emperor Claudius, made the city a multi-ethnic center, were found in 1961 and consist of a building consisting of several rooms. The synagogical hall was accessed through a vestibule and a passage enriched by Corinthian columns. Decorative bas-reliefs with images of the Jewish tradition enrich the whole. The site was found during the construction of the motorway to Fiumicino, in the area of the excavations of ancient Ostia. It is the oldest synagogue in the western world of which we have vestiges; decentralized with respect to the political and administrative center of gravity of the city is a demonstration of the condition of social separation in which the Jews lived.

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