Loquis: Sinagoga Oratorio Di Castro

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Sinagoga Oratorio Di Castro


Published on:  2019-02-26 08:57:00

  Kosher Life

In May 1909 died Mrs. Grazia Pontecorvo, widow of Salvatore Di Castro, who had decided to leave a large sum at the Israeli University of Rome to build a new synagogue. The birth of the Oratorio Di Castro in 1914 coincided with the end of the Belle époque and the beginning of the First World War. Ten years had also passed since the inauguration of the Tempio Maggiore, symbol of the Emancipation of the Jews in Rome. The Oratory resembles the synagogues of many European cities in the urban plot and frequented not only as a space for prayer but also for study. Today the Temple of Via Balbo is a cultural structure that welcomes Italian Jews, Libyans and Ashkenazi, testifying to the vitality of a synagogue always in step with the cultural changes of the contemporary Age.

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