Loquis: Catacomb of Vineyards Randanini

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Catacomb of Vineyards Randanini


Published on:  2019-02-22 19:27:00

  Kosher Life

Found by chance in 1859 between the Via Appia Antica and the Via Appia Pignatelli, it was the second Jewish catacomb to be found. Externally it looks like a rectangular structure, inside instead there are two rooms and a staircase that leads to the lower floor. Of the two rooms, the first was probably reserved for a synagogue and can be deduced from the presence of water and the fact that the room is divided into two parts, probably one reserved for men and another for women. The second room is more richly decorated, in both there are cubicles, niches, arcosols, some of these particularly decorated. The number of epigraphs is also significant, almost all bearing the wish for peace and rest. It is worth immersing oneself in this Jewish past and walking along the corridors thinking back to the past.

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