Loquis: Food and Cooking in the Ghetto of Venice

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Food and Cooking in the Ghetto of Venice


Published on:  2019-02-14 10:47:34

  Kosher Life

Tuesday 19 February - History of Venice at 17.00 - free admission. The Venetian Ghetto was established by law of the Senate of 29 March 1519 in an area of Cannaregio where, in ancient times, there were foundries. In this fortress-island, special places of sale were created for food products, observing the rules of kosher preparation. Over the centuries, a Jewish cuisine was developed inside the fortress which, in accordance with biblical rules, saw the interpenetration of German, Levantine and Ponentinian tastes - the three "nations" present in the Ghetto - with the real availability of local raw materials. Presentation by Maria Bonaldo (Italian Academy of Cuisine) and Michela Dal Borgo (State Archives of Venice) Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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