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Palazzo Arrigoni Albergoni


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The origins of the building date back to the fourteenth century when, in the area of ​​the current building, there is a house owned by the Benvenuti family consisting of a building located inside and of the houses overlooking Via Mazzini. Over the course of the various years, Benvenuti has bought other properties around the "parent company" that is slowly getting bigger. A document of 1499 describes the house as a "big house" to mean that it is a building that has a similar structure to the current with a courtyard flanked on three sides by buildings with shops. At that time there are remains of masonry, remains of cobblestones and the double arched arch of a portal, visible on the front of Via Mazzini. Over the years the Benvenuti family has increased its prestige and in 1695 Giovan Battista Benvenuti obtains the title of count due to its military value. E 'in the eighteenth century that the building is assuming the current appearance. In 1742 the reconstruction work began in baroque style and from 1756 the spectacular staircase was built in the middle of the portico. The property remains of the Benvenuti until 1775 when it is sold to the noble Carlantonio Monticelli to which in 1830 the son happens. Afterwards the Arrigons who are the current owners take over.

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