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Borgo di Soncino


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

Located at the border of the territories of Bergamo, Brescia and Crema, the Borgo di Soncino has had a certain strategic importance as early as the tenth century. In the second half of the fifteenth century, the city assumes an even more important defensive role for its position near the Oglio, which at that time constituted the natural line of defense of the eastern borders of the Duchy of Milan against the Venetian Republic. For these reasons in 1460 Francesco Sforza restored the medieval walls and added a series of cylindrical towers; performs reinforcement works of the ancient fortress located south-east of the village; and in 1473 the construction of the new fortress began, in the south-west corner of the town. Some of the most famous military architects of the Sforzesco period worked on the construction of the fortress, such as Serafino Gavazzi, Bartolomeo Gadio and Danesio Maineri. After the fall of the Sforza, in the hands of the Venetians, the French and then the Spaniards, the fortress underwent adaptations and rearrangements until the late nineteenth century, when it lost all relevance from the standpoint of defense and after being used for a long time as a warehouse, it undergoes a gradual deterioration. In 1876, the last owner, Massimiliano Stampa, sold it to the Commune of Soncino which, starting in 1886, undertook a major restoration work under the direction of Luca Beltrami, allowing the fort to bring back the architectural unit and the original image that the additions and the degradation of the centuries had severely disregarded. Important maintenance and restoration work was further undertaken in 1976 as part of a larger program to safeguard and restore the monument, including urban and environmental levels, and as part of the valorisation and of conservation of the ancient center of Soncino.

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