Loquis: Convento dei Gerolamini di San Sigismondo

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Convento dei Gerolamini di San Sigismondo


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

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The origins of the former Convent of the Gerolamini date back to 1624, when with a decree dated 24 May the Bishop Monsignor Campori authorized the establishment of the hermitan community of S. Girolamo in the municipality of Piadena. The same year began the construction of the monastery dependent on the monastic community of S. Sigismondo in Cremona. The new construction involves the partial demolition of the adjacent Church of Santa Maria di Piadena which in 1517 was incorporated into the Cremonese monastery, and ends in 1626, as indicated by the epigraph that is kept inside the cloister. Anonymous is the author of the project that repeats the Renaissance model of S. Sigismondo in minor proportions. At that time the monastery was leaning on the left side of the ancient church, that is to say in the north of it and was separated by a wall and an upper loggia that allowed the monks to enter. The number of religious present in the monastery was around ten even if the cells could accommodate more. Because of the serious structural failures that affect the structures of the church, this is rebuilt in baroque forms between 1748 and 1758 by architect Marco Bianchi . Its large size makes believe that it was planned to build a larger convent on the area of ​​the destroyed church that will never be built because by decree of the Emperor of Austria in 1772 the monastery is suppressed by a lack of canons and used to barracks and prison. In the following years it became the seat of the Pretura and in more recent years it houses the offices of the Municipality and the Plateau Archaeological Museum.

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