Loquis: Chiesa di San Michele

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Chiesa di San Michele


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

In an uncertain era along the Via Postumia, in the heart of the medieval village, the Church of S. Michele has risen in a raised position, on the remains of a bastion belonging to the Visconti fortifications. Tradition has it founded by the Lombard queen Teodolinda in the second half of the seventh century: it is the oldest church in Cremona. There are few traces of the original construction: we find the earliest examples of Longobardian presence in the capitals that support the columns of the crypt. Restored by the Bishop Landolfo in the eleventh century, after the damage suffered by the fire of 1113 and the earthquake of 1117, by Oberto in 1124. Despite the changes occurred in later periods, in the fifteenth and seventeenth century when the central staircase is built access to the presbytery, the church still retains the Romanesque forms in the facade (recovered with a restoration in style in the twentieth century), in the columns, with archaic capitals, the central nave and the apse. The ancient Romanesque bell tower, too low to serve as a lookout, was rebuilt by the Austrians in 1841 over the left apse of the crypt. The heavy load of the heavy structure on the vault below made it necessary to raise a massive contrast wall that alters the harmony of the environment.

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