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Piazza Matteotti


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

Piazza Matteotti is for Isola Dovarese the most important testimony of the influence exerted on this territory by the Gonzaga family that in 1322 is linked to the ancient Dovara family, since the feudal middle age of the place. It is to a minor branch of the dynasty of the lords of Mantua, that since the end of the fifteenth century governs the small village protected by a fortress, which is the decision to build the large Renaissance square, designed to confer greater prestige to Isola that for three centuries will be dominion of the Gonzagas. The project is attributed to the architect Giulio Brunelli who commissioned Giulio Cesare Gonzaga at the end of the sixteenth century to conceive a large rectangular space defined by long arcades for market use, closed on the short sides by two symmetrical palaces: Palazzo Pretorio, then Municipio e the Theater, later Palazzo della Guardia, which the Gonzagas want to create also in Isola, as had already been done in Bozzolo and Sabbioneta. On the opposite side of the portico there was the pre-existing fortress and dwelling of the noble Dovara, now disappeared, and still indicated in the eighteenth-century map of the Teresian Cadastre that reproduces the square identical to the current and identifies a large area bounded by a canal and probable ancient castle.In the nineteenth century guide of Angelo Grandi, the square is described as "very suitable for the ball game, which more frequently recreated the islanders in the years before".

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