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Palazzo Benzoni


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

Already in the thirteenth century the noble Benzoni family lived in Crema near the palace whose existence is confirmed for the first time in the testament of Nicolò Benzoni of the sixteenth century. The building is defined as a large dwelling suitable for a wealthy family with servitude. It is in 1627, by the will of Count Roberto Benzoni, Colonel of the Serenissima that the palace is remodeled and enlarged until it assumes the current forms, as attested by the inscription marble walled in the semi-column of the portico. Giovanni Andrea Benzoni, on the other hand, is responsible for the late seventeenth century decorations in the rooms on the main floor of the building and the insertion of a sumptuous portal purchased before 1694 by the Tensini family who commissioned it around 1630 for a villa to be built in the city. which was never built. Remains of the Benzoni family residence until 1795 when it is inherited by Maurizio and Venceslao Frecavalli. Rented for fifteen years, in 1832 it was sold to the Ospedale degli Esposti and the Mendicanti, which occupied it until 1929, making heavy tampering with the environments that continued in the following years when it knew many uses. Purchased in 1949 by the Municipality of Cremona, the building became the seat of the Court and then of the Vigili and only at the beginning of the century it was affected by an important restoration and since 2002 it has housed the Civic Library.

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