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Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

Despite the great historical and architectural importance, it is not known exactly how the Torrazzo was founded and not even its original function, whether it was a civic or bell tower or both. It stands in the area within the walls of the Roman city, in the ancient platea magna, the current Piazza del Comune, next to the façade of the Cathedral. The stylistic analysis leads to placing the Torrazzo as a whole between the thirteenth and the beginning of the fourteenth century, and identifies three fundamental construction phases: the first three floors with late Roman features would belong to the early thirteenth century; the rest of the quadrangular shaft up to the cornice under the quadrifora of the bell cell would be dated between the years 1250-57; the belfry and the octagonal garland with a full Gothic character between 1284 and 1305. As part of the late-fifteenth-century reform of the Cathedral, Lorenzo Trotti created a long and airy arcaded portico, called Bertazzola, which connects the base of the Torrazzo to the facade of the Cathedral and connects the inner courtyard, called camposanto and built at the beginning of the twentieth century with the demolition of the structures leaning against the Duomo and the Torrazzo. It is here that in the '78s and' 80s the excavations brought to light different tomb levels and an ancient mosaic attributed to the original early Christian basilica.

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