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Torre Isso


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

There is no certain information on the history of the tower, but it seems pre-existent to the foundation of Castelleone of 1188. The structure had belonged to the defense system of an ancient fortified place called Castel Manfredi, demolished by Federico Barbarossa in 1186 saving the tower. With the construction of the primitive Castel Leone, by the Bishop Sicardo, the tower is inserted in the new fortified medieval village with a quadrangular plan divided into four neighborhoods by streets and accessible by two doors: Porta Serio and Porta Isso, guarding which there are two towers, of which only the Isso Tower is preserved. Between 1188 and 1288 Castelleone and the nearby territories are the scene of numerous battles and between the end of the thirteenth and the fourteenth century they became the dominion of the Visconti. The fortifications are greatly enhanced in the fifteenth century by the new lord of Cremona Cabrino Fondulo, which strengthens the walls, builds casemates, bulwarks and underground streets. Several dominations follow each other between the end of the fifteenth until 1781, when the feuds were finally suppressed and in the early years of the nineteenth century, the demolition of the walls surrounding the village that continued until 1830 began. The demolition of houses which stood around the tower, executed in 1920, leaves the structure in the center of the square definitively isolated.

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