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Borgo di Castelponzone


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The origins of Castelletto de 'Ponzoni date back to the fifteenth century when it is a much sought after fortress for the control of the road to Viadana and Casalmaggiore and Filippo Maria Visconti grants it in fief to the powerful Cremonese family of Ponzoni who holds possession until 1696 when it passes to the branch of the Ala Ponzone family that keeps it until the extinction of the family in 1842. An ancient map of 1440 returns the original appearance of the fortress: consisting of a strong square tower, rises in the middle of a short circle of open walls from two doors with towers. It is from this fortified village that in 1441 Francesco Sforza left with his retinue of two thousand infantrymen and two thousand knights on the day of his wedding with Bianca Maria Visconti. In 1648 Castelletto de 'Ponzoni was occupied by the French who destroyed the tower and the drawbridge and ignite the fortress, later rebuilt but no longer as a military fortress. In the course of the nineteenth century the walls are flattened and the moat surrounding the village is filled, saving only the southern entrance gate already entered in the sixteenth century Palazzo Ponzoni. From the nineteenth century, for a long time the production activity of the village is focused on the cultivation of hemp and the manufacture of ropes that for generations have involved entire families giving great prominence to Castelponzone where in recent years has been set up a Museum of ropes in which you can admire the work and the products of the ancient trade.Castelponzone is an independent municipality until 1934; when it becomes a fraction of Scandolara Ravara.

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