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Loggia dei Militi


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The Palazzo dei Militi, so called because it was used for the meetings of the commanders of the city's Militia, was built in 1292. Originally the structure had to be open on all four sides, and had an internal staircase connecting the upper floor. With the fall of municipal freedom, the building became the seat of the College of Jurists, who set up from the sixteenth century, making changes to the building: the porch on the ground floor is buffered and partitioned forming a further floor between the ground and the upper, accessible by an external staircase popularly known as the "ladder of the wolves". The jurisconsults held the seat until the beginning of the 800 when the Municipality destines the premises to a women's school that remained there until 1870. In that year the building was bought by the Consortium Argini and Dugali who commissioned the architect Marchetti for the reform of the interior rooms and the demolition of the scale of the wolves. Following a debate held in 1922 in the local press about a monument to be destined for war dead, the Municipality of Cremona decides to purchase the Palazzo dei Militi entrusting its restoration to Gaetano Moretti and Ambrogio Annoni who reports the Loggia dei Militi to his primitive state.

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