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Argine del Po


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The history of Casalmaggiore is closely linked to that of its river which, since ancient times, is remembered in the old manuscripts of anonymous local historians. The writings document the repeated and tragic floods suffered by the city over the centuries. Already in 583 after Christ the village of Casalmaggiore with its castle is threatened by the impressive flood of the Po and Adda waters that at that time flowed close to the built-up area. In 926 d. C., after repeated and ruinous full, the first elementary measures are taken to permanently preserve the city. At that time Princess Berta, daughter of Emperor Berengario, began work to protect the lands between Casalmaggiore and Cigognara and in 979 the emperor of Germany Ottone II ordered the first real settlement of the embankments in the stretch between Cremona and Casalmaggiore. While in 1052, the Count of Mantua Bonifacio di Canossa, powerful and rich lord of Italy, elaborated the first code of rules for the erection of strong embankments on the rivers Oglio, Mincio, Adda and Po, and for the water vast territory in which Casalmaggiore is also included. But despite the work carried out, 75 years after a tragic full swallows part of the village. A decisive improvement occurred in 1429 when the Milanese for strategic and political reasons deviated the course of the Adda, finally liberating Casalmaggiore from the great tributary of the Po and in the second half of the century laying the foundations for an organic system of reclamation of the Cremonese through regularization of the courses of the channels. Despite the numerous works of regulation and reclamation, the territory of Casalmaggiore remains periodically subject to floods and floods of the Po and the connected canals.

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