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Villa Sanga Trecco


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

Since the sixteenth century the village of Crotta d'Adda is home to the Marquisate Stanga in 1560, in that place considered particularly healthy and suitable for cultivation but also for summer holidays, where many other families of the Cremonese had already bought several land parcels, to make the first purchases of land. At that time the Stanga family had already owned, in addition to the town buildings, the castle of Annicco and the estate of Farfengo. Giulio Stanga was attributed the construction in the second half of the sixteenth century, the oldest body of the building, which during the centuries is enlarged with the purchase of other plots that lead to the rise of the family Stanga as landowner, which will continue during the nineteenth century to increase its possessions. In the eighteenth century the palace is added to the Palazzo Palazzo and stables. The expansion of land holdings leads to the construction of several irrigation ditches, including the new "Roggia Stanga" or Bernardella, necessary for irrigation and conversion to the cultivation of wetlands. It is to Idelfonso Stanga that we owe the works of improvement of the agricultural funds and the important changes to the buildings of the farmhouse court that lead to the reconstruction of the stable and the construction, at the beginning of the twentieth century, of a new modern building for the breeding of pigs, of which the remains remain. In the years following its construction, the villa underwent several renovations that alter its original form: around 1840 there were the first alterations of the building, started on the project of architect Carlo Visioli, taken up and completed at the end of the nineteenth century architect Augusto Brusconi. The complex is still today owned by the descendants of the Stanga family and maintains the agricultural and housing function.

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