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Palazzo del Comune


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The construction of the new municipal building began in 1525, under the Venetian Podestà Giovanni Moro, following the demolition of the Palazzo Vecchio. On April 20, 1525 the solemn foundation ceremony takes place: in the Cathedral the first stone is blessed to be placed at the base of the new building that testifies to the great civic value of this building. There is indeed a clear desire to change the confused structure of the area around the Duomo to give dignity to the square according to the renaissance canons. The layout of the square was completed to the north-east, in 1533, when the Palazzo Pretorio was built, adjoining the civic tower. Over four centuries later, in 1955, the precarious conditions of the municipal building require an important restoration work carried out. designed by the architect Carlo Perogalli and the engineer Silvio Mosconi, who intervene on the part of the building north of the tower and on the neighboring Palazzo Pretorio, keeping the facades unaltered and modifying the interior to make them more functional to use. On 17 June 1962 the north side of the building was inaugurated, while the remaining part was recovered between 1964 and 1967 on a project by the municipal engineer Andrea Crotti, following the same criteria used in the first intervention. In 1991 new and more current operative choices they lead the conservation intervention involving the town hall together with the other buildings in the square. The restoration, led by the architect Ermentini, manages to stop the deterioration of plaster, fired and stone materials of the facade, severely compromised by the cement mortar used in the previous intervention, without however altering the authenticity of the monument.

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