Loquis: Convento di Sant'Agostino (ex)

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Convento di Sant'Agostino (ex)


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The history of the Convent is linked to the figure of Tommaso Vimercati, who with a testament of 1422 establishes to leave a large part of his property to the Hermit Friars of St. Augustine in order to have a monastery with an adjoining church built in the city. Only in 1439, with the arrival in Crema of the Hermit friar Gian Rocco Porzi, who will become the first rector, the construction of the convent began starting from the northern cloister. Around the middle of the fifteenth century, in succession to the first, the southern cloister was also built and shortly afterwards, at the end of the century, the great hall of the refectory frescoed by Giovan Pietro da Cemmo was built between 1498 and 1507. Over the centuries the a convent undergoes many vicissitudes, until the Napoleonic suppression in 1797, when it was transformed into a barracks. During the war it became a refuge for displaced people and in those years all the frescoes of the refectory were covered with lime. At the end of this long period of devastation, starting from 1958, the complex was restored and the frescoes of the refectory were rediscovered. Since 1960 it has been the seat of the Civic Museum of Crema and of the Cremasco and of the Centro Culturale S. Agostino.

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