Loquis: Parrocchiale di S. Bassiano

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Parrocchiale di S. Bassiano


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

A primitive church had to exist already in remote times on the site of the current one. To confirm this hypothesis are some traces of Roman and early Christian masonry found near the counter-façade. The church was rebuilt in 1158 by Lodigiani refugees who arrived after the Milanese destroyed their city. Entitled to S. Bassano, patron saint of Lodi, it is built in a basilica plant with three naves with central apse and gabled façade, typical elements of Romanesque-Lombard architecture. The first changes to the temple date back to the fifteenth century when the facade is raised , the rose window is opened and the side chapels are made. But the most significant interventions are carried out between 1509 and 1561 during the work of Gian Giacomo Cipello. In these years the sacristy was built and, four years later, with the erection of the church in Collegiata, the choir and the new bell tower were built. While Bernardino Campi is entrusted with the interior decoration of the church, completed in 1543. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, due to the serious damage suffered by repeated military occupations, he faced a series of reforms that give the building the appearance current. At the end of the twentieth century the façade was completely restored and the large fresco represents the Crucifixion of the Campi.

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