Loquis: Chiesa di Santa Margherita e Santa Pelagia

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Chiesa di Santa Margherita e Santa Pelagia


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

A primitive small church dedicated to St. Margaret already existed in remote times. In the fourteenth century it was named after S. Margherita and S. Pelagia thanks to the legacy of two monasteries supported by the Lateran Canons and the Augustinian Canonichesse, later destroyed by a war event. The temple, which became a priory, was completely rebuilt between 1542 and 1552 for the will of the Prior of the time, the humanist and Cremonese poet Marco Gerolamo Vida, Bishop of Alba, who entrusts the task to the architect Giulio Campi who performs both the structure and the interior decoration, assisted by his brother Antonio. In 1588 the ownership of the church passed to the Episcopal Seminary which led it for three centuries, until 1887 when it became a subsidiary of the prepositural church of S. Agata, remaining closed for about forty years. In 1920 the large frescos of the side walls are torn from the wall, fixed on canvas, and subsequently restored, to save them from serious degradation due to humidity. The temple is now known as S. Rita since 22 May 1929, day of S. Rita, the church is reopened to worship and remains today very dear to the Cremonese for the great devotion that they nurture towards the saint.

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