Loquis: Chiesa di San Pietro al Po

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Chiesa di San Pietro al Po


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The origins of the church date back to 1064, founded along the bank of the Po which still flowed in 1583 next to the square in front of the temple. The Benedictines, who remained there until 1439, are called to rule the church in 1068, but their characteristics are not known of this primitive structure. It will be the new religious order of the Lateran Canons, arrived after 1439 to hold the basilica and the monastery, to perform in the second half of the fifteenth a first reconstruction of the church built with a single nave, probably flanked by side chapels as is the contemporary Church of S. Sigismondo. The elongated lines of the buffered windows can be seen on the right side of the current church of the fifteenth-century structure. Rebuilt in the sixteenth century on a project by the architect Cremonese Francesco Dattaro, the temple takes on its current appearance with internal scanning in three naves flanked by shallow lateral chapels. After the Lateranians, in the care of the monastic complex, various religious orders followed until the end of the eighteenth century when the monastery and the church passed to the jurisdiction of the Bishop.

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