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Chiesa di San Sigismondo


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:22:41

  Stories of art in Lombardy

The construction of the church with adjoining monastery began in 1463 by the will of the Duchess Bianca Maria Visconti and stands outside the town, on the site of a very ancient temple named after S. Sigismondo, in which twenty years before his wedding had been celebrated with the Duke Francesco Sforza.The primitive project of the church is traditionally attributed to the Cremonese Bartolomeo Gadio, military engineer from Sforza who would be the author of the tiburium with loggia and apse. With the death of the duchess, the work proceeded slowly under the control of the monks Gerolomini and ended in the second quarter of the sixteenth century under the direction of the architect Bernardino de Lera who is attributed to the erection of the longitudinal body and the facade. The decorative campaign began in 1535 and from that moment onwards S. Sigismondo became the most vibrant construction site in the city: the best artists of the time worked there. A Camillo Boccaccino is entrusted with the decoration of the apse cap of the presbytery. Giulio Campi is in charge of the altarpiece of the high altar and of the decoration of the transept. Throughout the sixties the work continued in the main nave entrusted to the care of all the artists present at the construction site: Bernardino Campi, Bernardino Gatti, Giulio Campi. The convent complex of S. Sigismondo is entrusted to the monks Gerolomini until 1798, when their congregation is suppressed and the church becomes a parish church.

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