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Piazza del Comune


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:23:36

  Notes of art in Lombardy

The Piazza del Comune represents the medieval heart of the city, where the highest religious and civic buildings of Cremona stand out. At the center dominates the great bulk of the Cathedral; of Romanesque foundation, completed in the following centuries is, together with the Baptistery and the Torrazzo, which flank it, one of the most important religious complexes of northern Italy. Its splendid marble façade is connected to the base of the Torrazzo through the Bertazzola, an airy Renaissance portico and inside it preserves a very rich decorative apparatus for which it has been repeatedly called the "Sistine Chapel of Northern Italy". Opposite the Cathedral on the opposite side is the 13th century Palazzo Civico, supported by a large ogival portico and flanked by the Loggia dei Militi, which is the best example of the city's civil Gothic architecture.

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