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Palazzo del Comune


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:23:36

  Notes of art in Lombardy

The elegant Palazzo Comunale di Crema, which closes the Piazza Duomo to the west, dates back to the first half of the sixteenth century, when the new layout of the square was defined according to the renaissance standards. The building is a happy fusion between the Lombard architectural tradition, expressed in the airy portico that runs on the ground floor decorated with terracotta elements and in the two upper orders of rectangular windows, and the Venetian taste of the two windows and the single window that interrupt the sequence some openings on the main floor where there are numerous coat of arms of the Venetian podestà. A monumental Renaissance door, called Torrazzo, opens at the center of the façade. It was the ancient gateway to the citadel, modified in the sixteenth century at the same time as the building of the Town Hall and completed in the seventeenth century by the dome lantern for the civic bell.

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