Loquis: Santuario di Santa Maria della Misericordia

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Santuario di Santa Maria della Misericordia


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:23:36

  Notes of art in Lombardy

Built between 1513 and 1525 by the architect Agostino De 'Fondulis, in the place of some miraculous apparitions, the Sanctuary shows off its harmonious forms articulated in a longitudinal arm with three spans ending in a Latin cross, with pronounced apses, dominated by the imposing octagonal drum that surrounds the dome. The large brick masses are animated by the use of decorations that give vivacity and plasticity to the monument, typical features of De 'Fondulis, a sculptor-architect linked to the work of Bramante. Large circular oculi, which are repeated also on the side fronts and in the façade, open in the upper part of the dome giving prominence to the sixteenth-century frescoes placed in the niches of the drum.

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